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LIVE: CLOSING @ Charles Bronson, Halle

Leipzig time: 14:50

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(Zuckerbrot & Peitsche, Bondage-Music)


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The clubbing sound of ‘Pornbugs’ brings every crowd over the edge. Brought about by the combination of Vinyl Records and additional Traktor Scratching, a pulsating sound emerges. The fantastic voice of MC Pete LA Bomba provides brilliant support to their sound , so that the crowd has an intense visual and acoustic experience.

From the very beginning, they were interested in electronic music. They started their common career in various clubs and radio stations in Germany in 2000.
They celebrated their first successes at DJ-contests like ‘Straße-E/Dresden’ and the “Intro’’ magazine’s contest, so that they got the chance to perform at ‘Nature One’ and at the ‘Melt’ open-air in 2001. Their first residency followed in 2001 in Halberstadt’s sandstone caves (Subsoil Club), which is one of the most exceptional locations in Germany.

The catchy sequences in each of their creations are underlined by driving beats. So nobody was surprised that I.D.O.G. & Crypton were to be resident artists at the aspiring label ‘Sayas Rec’. I.D.O.G. & Crypton were featured on three releases along-sides well known artists such as, Asem Shama (Vanguard), Christian Fischer (Definition Rec.) and James West (New York). In 2003, both DJs published their first release as I.D.O.G. & Crypton, followed by another five up until 2005.

Since 2005 they have been playing mainly as Pornbugs, which is the guys tech house-minimal-project, an extremely dance floor oriented sound.
In January 2005 they started to produce for their own label called ‘Bondage Music’, which was founded as a platform for an ambitious sound from Minimal to tech house. They also founded the sub-label ‘Bondage-Music-Ltd.’ in 2009.
After their first tour through Brazil in 2005, they were invited for a second tour in 2006. Amongst others they played with DJ Hell at D-Edge (Sao Paolo), one of the Top Ten Clubs in the world and in 2011 they set off for a tour in South America.

The first Pornbugs release on ‘Bondage Music’ was in April 2006. In May 2006 their 1st Mix-CD-Compilationwas released by the top Brazilian label, URBR.

You can listen to Pornbugs distinctive sound at their label nights in Berlin and at their own events, Zuckerbrot&Peitsche @ Ritter Butzke and KeepOn @ M.I.K.Z. in Berlin and of course eventually on MOTTT.FM

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