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HMDI & Hendrik Kaden - Fetzige Einhornfete für Freunde von Freunden und Einhörnern. (12.10.2013)

Leipzig time: 05:23

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In a small town in East Germany in the late 1990s: grey marks left by coal mining and chemical industry are still visible, although it has been about a decade since the fall of the Berlin Wall. How to accept the dismal situation, the depressing atmosphere?

Metasound makes a musical counterproposal: Within his sets and his productions, brightness and colour prevails against dreariness and monotony. It is important to him to convey a positive view of things in life to people, and to share this reality with them. He is driven by the desire to mentally design new places and take his guests there with him.

Everybody knows the inner longing for such places and that is the reason why many different kinds of people, from many different backgrounds gather on the dance floor. Is this formerly cold and dark place still the same? The unconventional interaction of percussive beats, jazz samples and funky grooves creates a light-hearted atmosphere, in which there is no pretentiousness, glamour and glitter and the usual courtship rituals. Based on organic aesthetics and harmony, his version of house music creates associations with natural shapes and warm tints resulting in a kind of personal balance. You could even call this joie de vivre.

With Metasound having such a complex concept of music, it is not surprising that his label ,BREAK THE SURFACE has switched from drum and bass to experimental tech house: After the heyday of fast breakbeats they can convey his sunny attitude much better in grooving tunes.

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