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Luvless - Tsuba Mix (04.2014)

Leipzig time: 21:40

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Marc DePulse

Marc DePulse

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The early beginnings of Marc DePulse`s musical carrier are in his childhood. He went to the music school, learned to play instruments, was member of the school choir and even got his A-levels in music.

It was 1999 when he started producing tracks - in his case he pursued an unusual way, because it took three more years before he started DJing. His favourite genre is minimal techno. He has had over 50 releases on current labels like Kiddaz.FM, BluFin or Ostwind Records since he started producing.

The special thing about him is that he tries to have his very own, special sound far from the mainstream and being `in`. His main objective isn`t functionality or imitation, but making innovative music filled with heart and soul.

Marc DePulse ... "P.S.: You rock!"

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