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Steffen Bennemann - Boundary Functions @ Distillery, Part II (02.10.2010)   artist info

Leipzig time: 23:40

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Alex Bull

(Elektronische Klanggeschichten, esoulate music)

Alex Bull

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New game turns out well.And he controls it. Alex Bull plays music with a Pokerface. He has a plan and no one is able to read his mind, whereas he doesn’t act like a strategist. He plays with his opposites instead of struggling with them. When Alex Bull steps behind the turntables he has just one intention: to strike at people's hearts; to make them lose control.

Alex moved from Thuringia to Leipzig in 2001 at the age of 21. His actual reason was the relationship with his girlfriend, but soon he realized that Leipzig was the best that could have ever happened to him.

He loves the beauty of the city and the cultural diversity of the citizens. But the most attractive part to him seems to be Leipzig’s subculture, which presents itself in an unconventional and improvised manner. Besides that the people who are involved in Leipzig's electronic scene certainly have an effect on him, asthey have different personalities and ways to make their dreams come true.

It's no surprise then that he soon felt familiar and got in touch with others. As a result of this he became one of the initiators of “Elektronische Klanggeschichten”, a crew that unites techno, house and minimal DJs and other music loving people from Leipzig. They organize parties all over the city, mostly at locations like “Victor Jara” or “Elipamanoke”. And during summer time they use Leipzig’s parks for several open airs. In additionthey like to cooperate with other crews like “Zwischenwelten” or “Mottt”.

Alex Bull has always loved music, not only electronic music. But when he plays a set he spins records of tech house, minimal, house or techno. All in all they have to be very danceable and emotional. In the same way he tries to create music. He just started producing and tries hard to meet his own requirements, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fortunatelyhe succeeded in releasing his first EP,titled “Early Bird”,on the net label “esoulatemusic”.

He hopes to carry on delighting his listeners, above all with his upcoming releases.

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